Saturday 30 May 2015

How To Create and Integrates Social Content Locker in Blogger BlogSpot

Social content locker is a great resource to get social signal to any of your blog on blogspot. We have seen a lot of people is searching “How to integrate and install social locker in blogspot or blogger”. Let me tell you that blogger is totally different than WordPress, rather than blogspot in wordpress, you can install plugin to work instantly but in blogger it is little bit technical difficult.

what is social content locker and why to use?

You have really something amazing and informative to share with your readers or visitors. Then you must take something back either in the shape of social share to get more exposure to the virtual world. Social content locker is that which can give you this.

How to add social locker in blogger?

In this article I’m going to teach you that how you can create and install social content locker in blogspot. Please follow the following steps.
Step 1: 1. Login To >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Proceed.
Search for just and above it paste the following CSS Coding.
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
Save the template and proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Whenever you want to use social locker you have to follow the following instruction.
Go To >> New Post.
Select the HTML Tab from the blogger post editor and paste the following coding.
<article id="default-usage">
<div class="to-lock" style="display: none;">
<!--Hidden Content Starts (You can Use HTML BELOW)-->
<div style="text-align: center; margin-bottom: 20px;">
<img src="Add_Hidden_Image_Here" alt="" style="margin: auto;" />
</div> <div style="text-align: justify">
Add Your Hidden Text Here
<!--Hidden Content Ends (You can Use HTML ABOVE)-->
</div><div id="mblunlocker"> </div>
<script type="text/javascript"
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
$("#default-usage .to-lock").socialLock({
text: {
header: "Share it To Unlock This Content",
message: "Yes, this is Social Locker. Just try it, click on one of buttons."
style: "ui-social-locker-secrets",
buttons: {
order: ["twitter", "facebook", "google"]
// twitter options
twitter: {
url: "”,
text: "Upgrade your social buttons to get more social traffic!"
// facebook options
facebook: {
url: "”,
appId: "418044881593120"
google: {
url: "”
For Facebook: Replace to your Facebook page
For Twitter: Replace with your Website's URL or etc.
For Google+: Replace with the URL of your website or post.
Replace Add_Hidden_Image_Here with the Image that you want to Hide from the users and want to show after the social share, tweet or google plus.
Replace "Add Your Hidden Text Here" With the text that you want to hide from users and want to get social share.
Remember: Don't forgot to Add Facebook App ID otherwise the Facebook Like button will not appear properly. i.e. Replace 418044881593120 from above coding.
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Wednesday 25 February 2015

How to unsubscribe to annoying e-mails Newsletters at Once?

Sometimes, we just keep subscribing newsletters from many sites. Some of them are of our interests whereas others are simply useless. On the top of that, it becomes really annoying when you keep on receiving unwanted E-mails from such sites. With my personal experience, I sometimes feel like switching off my cell phone when after every two minutes my cell vibrates and I receive another not-so-important email. These newsletters are called E-mail marketing that is processed by online sites to gutter-up audience and earn money online.
Sometimes, when we are waiting for some really important Email and this junk appears, it becomes really agitating. But, for our convenience, now we have an alternative to list out all the subscribed yet unwanted newsletters and unsubscribe them with a single click. The process is extremely simple and easy. You just have to follow few steps and get rid of this all day torture.     

Great Way for Gmail Users
Gmail is the most approached platform that is used by maximum number of users. Given the popularity of the platform, Gmail has made it quite simple for its users to get rid of this headache. Process of unsubscribing junk email newsletters from Gmail account is quite simple.
Follow below mentioned steps:
1. Login to your Gmail account.
2. Go to inbox
3. Click at any junk newsletter that you wish to unsubscribe
4. With the name and Gmail address of the sender in received field, there is a small dropdown menu with field. This dropdown menu contain options such as “From”, “To”, “Date”, “Subject”, “Mailed By”, “Signed By” and finally “Unsubscribe from this sender”. This is the option for you. By clicking it, you can simply unsubscribe from the annoying newsletter that are of no use for you.
As you see, it is the simplest way to unsubscribe newsletters that are not-so-required to you.
Heading towards second easy method, I would like to introduce you to a site called

Question: What is 
Answer: is a smart and free web service that gets connected to your Gmail account, processes and displays a list of all the newsletter emails that you have subscribed. helps you in two significant ways:
You can use specific options and send required emails into one folder rather than clustering them up in you inbox one by one.
You can unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and free yourself from the hassle.
By using first option, you can amalgamate all your newsletters from a specific sender into one mail. In this way, you don’t have to see all the mails resting in your inbox separately.

Process of using is easy to use web service. You just have to follow below mentioned process:
Go to
Enter your Gmail Address
Allow to authenticate your account
After the process is complete, click at “Continue to next step”
A list of all the subscribed mails will be displayed in front of you
Unsubscribe the unwanted ones
So, this is all about It is an easy process with few quick steps. Process must be followed once in few weeks to stay free from the hassle of junk newsletters.

Important Tip: While using, make sure that you are only unsubscribing the newsletter that you don’t require. It is recommended to delete them one by one rather than unsubscribing them in a go.

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Thursday 29 January 2015

Social Media Trends in 2015

Everyone in current era is very well aware of significance of marketing and how much it is necessary to survive in any business type. Online business has no other way to survive in market without following core promotion tactics. In online business, promotions are defined with a term called Social Media. Social Media comprise of techniques such as promotion of the website on all social media accounts such as Face-book, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. All these platforms are best for uploading images, videos, sharing information and ideas etc. By using these social media tools, you can get backlinks to your official website.

Social Media Trends in 2015

Perplexed? Let me tell you how to get backlinks with the help of Social Media accounts. Suppose you have a blogging site. Whenever you write a blog, it is mandatory to share it on various social media platforms in order to get more traffic to your site. In this way, you just have to share the URL of your blog on different social media sites. It is quite a simple process. Taking the example of FaceBook, you just have to login to your account. On the status bar, paste the URL of your blog that you want to share. Write a description to inform your readers about the topic of the blog. While you use any keyword in the description, you can give it link by using “#” tag.
Anyways, Social Media trends were in full swing in year 2014 and now in 2015, it is estimated to earn more progress. I have gathered some likely-to-be social media trends in 2015, let us take a look:

Significant rise in demand and price of FaceBook ads

As we all know that FaceBook post reach has seen significant downfall. This has become a serious threat for all those that have been using FB for marketing of their business. This has also become a cause of increase in the demand of FB ads. As the posts are getting limited, price of ads are hiking gradually.

G+ is likely to go Ca-boom  

Google+ is not offering any different feature that customers are not getting in other social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. That is why, G+ has seen downfall in year 2014 and it is likely to diminish in year 2015.

Twitter will Rock 

Best thing about twitter is that it has always grown so much and added astonishing features that has helped in social media marketing a lot. Twitter is the best and well accepted source of link building and social media marketing.

Instagram to grow more in 2015

Instagram is the finest platform for image-based social media marketing. Given the popularity of the platform, Instagram has earned a lot of success in the year 2014. 2015 is going to be a rocking year for Instagram as the demand is still on increase. It is the finest platform for link building.

So, these are some of the Social Media platforms that are likely to get more appreciation in year 2015.

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Friday 23 January 2015

Some Popular Ways Of 2015 To Earn Money From Blog/Website

There are different cool routes through which you can make profit through your site. The vast majority of the individuals may be now attentive to these things yet this post will be of incredible serve to the individuals who are new to this field.

It's not a mystery that the vast majority of webmasters seek after the main objective to get cash from the site. There is a considerable measure of distinctive techniques depicted by SEO masters, yet I'd jump at the chance to discuss the most effortless ways.

Ways To Earn Money From Blog/Website

Affiliate Program

The main thing that a webmaster may as well do is to find lucrative member project and go along with it. At that point to place the partner flag on the sites and get percents from buys that were made by clients coordinated from the site. In the event that the partner flags suit to the subject of the site, they look commonly, don't pester clients, and, thus, help clicks in any event. The beneficial subsidiary systems are inside gaming and online shop (ebay, amazon) commercial enterprises. It's imperative to consider that your intended interest group may as well tie with group of onlookers of the site which member system you join, all things considered, partner project will carry you cash.

Link Placement

With a specific end goal to get sponsors, the site may as well have regardless Pr2, activity is not recognized. Webmasters can submit sites in connections showcase's framework and only sit tight for requests. Coincidentally, some connection representatives represent considerable authority in certain specialties, and you won't stress over connection importance. In the event that you have a considerable measure of substance on the website you can offer connections in substance, or even visitor blogging. Visitor blogging will carry oftentimes redesigned substance likewise. The focus is to place recently constrained significant connections and posts. Overall, the site will be acknowledged as spam catalog.

Banner Ads Placement

The principle prerequisite to be ready for promoting situation is to have movement. There is a great deal of installment choices like Pay Per Click or Pay Per Mile. PPC is viable when the movement is low. Recognizing the activity you can set the installment alternative. The inquiry is the place to find publicists? The main result is to submit the site on connection showcase framework that is represented considerable authority in pennant ads. The second result is to find comparable assets and to figure out who place ads there. The third one is to place offers on gatherings or informal communities (assuming that you have a mess of supporters and fans).

Locking Content

The principle essential is that the substance ought to be eager to pay. As it were, whether you have something novel restrictive and important, you can furnish the full access to the substance at the charge. You can put motion picture meeting, photographs, pictures, applications et cetera. Clients are permitted, for instance, to attempt the amusement or to see the photograph, yet they may as well pay to download. This strategy is basic for acknowledgment and needs simply your plans.
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Monday 19 January 2015 Vs (Pros and Cons)

Whether you’re a small business owner or a struggling entrepreneur, blog is as much important as having a website, blog can drive great number of traffic to your website, it will help branding yourself or/and your product, you can get in touch with your customer and keep them updated, another advantage is more visibility on search engines because where a websites have  3 – 5 pages but blog can have up-to 100+ pages there is no limit, so the more pages your blog have the more they will get indexed and resulting in increased visibility in search engines, there are countless other advantage of having a blog.
So now you know the importance of having a blog but now a really important question rise “What CMS (content management system) to use” a CMS is where your content and other useful stuff is managed just like a operation system for a computer and like in every thing in life you have a choice (alternative) for which to use and which not, there are tons of CMS out there but only 2 holds the reputation to be compared which are Blogger & Wordpress, We will try to explain every aspect good and bad here so there is no confusion left for our readers.




One of the most cool thing about blogger that it is really user friendly that’s why professional bloggers from all over the world recommend blogger for its simplicity and User-friendliness.

Top-Notch Security

That is a very common problem that lacks in every CMS but in Bogger your blog is nearly un-hackable so its one less thing to worry about.

No Start Up Fee

Blogger is a  100% free CMS no start up fee is required and there are no such features that are only accessible by premium users because there is no such thing as premium user In Blogger, its equal for all.

No Hosting Hassle 

Though this is a point where many new and pro bloggers argue, this can be a taken as a negative or a positive point because in Blogger you don’t have to worry about the hosting because being operated by a Search engine giants has it on advantages on of them is that every blog on Blogger is hosted on a Google’s server and its 100% free no matter how much traffic you get per day or how much bandwidth you consume you will get fast blog loading speed and you wont be charged a penny and where it’s a good news for newbies or people who aren’t ready to invest, but many people objects this feature because we have no control over hosting, we don’t have complete freedom to do whatever we want to.                                                                                  

Theme Customization 

If you know the basic HTML, tweaking up your blog template isn’t such a hard work.

Quickly Getting Indexed

That’s second advantage of being operated by Google, Blogger blogs get indexed really quickly and if you post daily unique content in Blogger nearly no SEO is needed to rank your site because Google will give you this favour.


Limited Customization 

Though its easy to use but when its comes to customization its really limited in resources, and that is effects its reputation.a lot.

Lack Of Themes

Blogger don’t have a big theme collection, even the number of third party templates aren't much.

No Control Over Hosting 

As said above this is a point which can be taken as a negative or a positive, the negative aspect of this point is that we have no control over hosting we're completely helpless if a problem occurs and we’ll just have to leave it to google to solve it, and Blogger’s hosting remove (delete) blogs without any reason if the content is too explicit.



Free CMS

Just like Blogger WordPress software is free but you need a hosting to make it operational, you have a choice to decide your hosting which fits your needs.

Extremely Powerful Features

The reason Wordpress being recommended by pros all over the world is because of its extremely powerful plugging, it makes the processes like doing SEO effortless, your every article can be simultaneously posted on all social networks with your account automatically and there are other extremely powerful plugins in Wordpress’s arsenal

Full Customization

Anything and everything is customizable in Wordpress which make people with fair knowledge on CSS and HTML really happy but for beginners it can be really agonizing.

Enormous Theme Collection 

That’s where Blogger and other CMS fall behind, Wordpress have a huge Theme collection both official and third party there is a lot to choose from, and highly professional designs comes with full customization ability.

Full Control Over Everything 

You have full control and knowing whats going on and for some people when it comes to self hosted blog it’s a good thing because if you have choose your hosting providers correctly any kind of content is allowed.


Everything Is Paid

For people with no or less money Wordpress is a big no because nearly everything is paid
like plugins and themes and sometimes overpriced as well, most of the free themes are outdated or dull in design, although offer free hosting with Wordpress CMS but in extremely limited environment, users don’t have the ability to use plugins and if you ask me that is the very reason people use Wordpress for and you cant even monetized your blog so whats the point of having a blog hosted on


Its one of the biggest flaw of Wordpress Sites are easily hack-able and if you haven’t taken some basic security measures for your blog you can say “sayonara” to your content though there are plugins which helps you secure your blog but your blog is extremely vulnerable at every time.


Well first of all this article isn't here to judge who’s the best because as this may upset lots of our reader that we don’t want but personally I prefer Blogger. If you have some money to invest and have some basic knowledge on how things works I would say go for Wordpress all the way because of its rich features and huge number of professional and engaging themes (templates), we tried to show you every good/bad aspects of these 2 CMS giants and hope now you can easily decide which will you use to take a step onwards to your epic blogging journey.

Thanks for taking you precious time and reading our article and like always feedbacks, suggestions and questions are more than welcomed.
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