Thursday 29 January 2015

Social Media Trends in 2015

Everyone in current era is very well aware of significance of marketing and how much it is necessary to survive in any business type. Online business has no other way to survive in market without following core promotion tactics. In online business, promotions are defined with a term called Social Media. Social Media comprise of techniques such as promotion of the website on all social media accounts such as Face-book, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. All these platforms are best for uploading images, videos, sharing information and ideas etc. By using these social media tools, you can get backlinks to your official website.

Social Media Trends in 2015

Perplexed? Let me tell you how to get backlinks with the help of Social Media accounts. Suppose you have a blogging site. Whenever you write a blog, it is mandatory to share it on various social media platforms in order to get more traffic to your site. In this way, you just have to share the URL of your blog on different social media sites. It is quite a simple process. Taking the example of FaceBook, you just have to login to your account. On the status bar, paste the URL of your blog that you want to share. Write a description to inform your readers about the topic of the blog. While you use any keyword in the description, you can give it link by using “#” tag.
Anyways, Social Media trends were in full swing in year 2014 and now in 2015, it is estimated to earn more progress. I have gathered some likely-to-be social media trends in 2015, let us take a look:

Significant rise in demand and price of FaceBook ads

As we all know that FaceBook post reach has seen significant downfall. This has become a serious threat for all those that have been using FB for marketing of their business. This has also become a cause of increase in the demand of FB ads. As the posts are getting limited, price of ads are hiking gradually.

G+ is likely to go Ca-boom  

Google+ is not offering any different feature that customers are not getting in other social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. That is why, G+ has seen downfall in year 2014 and it is likely to diminish in year 2015.

Twitter will Rock 

Best thing about twitter is that it has always grown so much and added astonishing features that has helped in social media marketing a lot. Twitter is the best and well accepted source of link building and social media marketing.

Instagram to grow more in 2015

Instagram is the finest platform for image-based social media marketing. Given the popularity of the platform, Instagram has earned a lot of success in the year 2014. 2015 is going to be a rocking year for Instagram as the demand is still on increase. It is the finest platform for link building.

So, these are some of the Social Media platforms that are likely to get more appreciation in year 2015.

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