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Whether you’re a small business owner or a struggling entrepreneur, blog is as much important as having a website, blog can drive great number of traffic to your website, it will help branding yourself or/and your product, you can get in touch with your customer and keep them updated, another advantage is more visibility on search engines because where a websites have  3 – 5 pages but blog can have up-to 100+ pages there is no limit, so the more pages your blog have the more they will get indexed and resulting in increased visibility in search engines, there are countless other advantage of having a blog.
So now you know the importance of having a blog but now a really important question rise “What CMS (content management system) to use” a CMS is where your content and other useful stuff is managed just like a operation system for a computer and like in every thing in life you have a choice (alternative) for which to use and which not, there are tons of CMS out there but only 2 holds the reputation to be compared which are Blogger & Wordpress, We will try to explain every aspect good and bad here so there is no confusion left for our readers.




One of the most cool thing about blogger that it is really user friendly that’s why professional bloggers from all over the world recommend blogger for its simplicity and User-friendliness.

Top-Notch Security

That is a very common problem that lacks in every CMS but in Bogger your blog is nearly un-hackable so its one less thing to worry about.

No Start Up Fee

Blogger is a  100% free CMS no start up fee is required and there are no such features that are only accessible by premium users because there is no such thing as premium user In Blogger, its equal for all.

No Hosting Hassle 

Though this is a point where many new and pro bloggers argue, this can be a taken as a negative or a positive point because in Blogger you don’t have to worry about the hosting because being operated by a Search engine giants has it on advantages on of them is that every blog on Blogger is hosted on a Google’s server and its 100% free no matter how much traffic you get per day or how much bandwidth you consume you will get fast blog loading speed and you wont be charged a penny and where it’s a good news for newbies or people who aren’t ready to invest, but many people objects this feature because we have no control over hosting, we don’t have complete freedom to do whatever we want to.                                                                                  

Theme Customization 

If you know the basic HTML, tweaking up your blog template isn’t such a hard work.

Quickly Getting Indexed

That’s second advantage of being operated by Google, Blogger blogs get indexed really quickly and if you post daily unique content in Blogger nearly no SEO is needed to rank your site because Google will give you this favour.


Limited Customization 

Though its easy to use but when its comes to customization its really limited in resources, and that is effects its reputation.a lot.

Lack Of Themes

Blogger don’t have a big theme collection, even the number of third party templates aren't much.

No Control Over Hosting 

As said above this is a point which can be taken as a negative or a positive, the negative aspect of this point is that we have no control over hosting we're completely helpless if a problem occurs and we’ll just have to leave it to google to solve it, and Blogger’s hosting remove (delete) blogs without any reason if the content is too explicit.



Free CMS

Just like Blogger WordPress software is free but you need a hosting to make it operational, you have a choice to decide your hosting which fits your needs.

Extremely Powerful Features

The reason Wordpress being recommended by pros all over the world is because of its extremely powerful plugging, it makes the processes like doing SEO effortless, your every article can be simultaneously posted on all social networks with your account automatically and there are other extremely powerful plugins in Wordpress’s arsenal

Full Customization

Anything and everything is customizable in Wordpress which make people with fair knowledge on CSS and HTML really happy but for beginners it can be really agonizing.

Enormous Theme Collection 

That’s where Blogger and other CMS fall behind, Wordpress have a huge Theme collection both official and third party there is a lot to choose from, and highly professional designs comes with full customization ability.

Full Control Over Everything 

You have full control and knowing whats going on and for some people when it comes to self hosted blog it’s a good thing because if you have choose your hosting providers correctly any kind of content is allowed.


Everything Is Paid

For people with no or less money Wordpress is a big no because nearly everything is paid
like plugins and themes and sometimes overpriced as well, most of the free themes are outdated or dull in design, although offer free hosting with Wordpress CMS but in extremely limited environment, users don’t have the ability to use plugins and if you ask me that is the very reason people use Wordpress for and you cant even monetized your blog so whats the point of having a blog hosted on


Its one of the biggest flaw of Wordpress Sites are easily hack-able and if you haven’t taken some basic security measures for your blog you can say “sayonara” to your content though there are plugins which helps you secure your blog but your blog is extremely vulnerable at every time.


Well first of all this article isn't here to judge who’s the best because as this may upset lots of our reader that we don’t want but personally I prefer Blogger. If you have some money to invest and have some basic knowledge on how things works I would say go for Wordpress all the way because of its rich features and huge number of professional and engaging themes (templates), we tried to show you every good/bad aspects of these 2 CMS giants and hope now you can easily decide which will you use to take a step onwards to your epic blogging journey.

Thanks for taking you precious time and reading our article and like always feedbacks, suggestions and questions are more than welcomed.
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