Wednesday 31 December 2014

Why Avoid Copying Others - Why It Is Important?

Avoid Copying Others
Now its trend that every person who want to make money online come on blogging and start blogging but for blogging you need to work hard, But 60% of Newbie bloggers are stealing other contents and it is Illegal to copying others hard work. So in the begging you'll get traffic and you'll definitely very amaze to see your Blog traffic but listen don’t forget Google Algorithms there are many Google Algorithms to watch who is copying others hard work and they will delete your blog by automatic classification spam system for sure.

This is shortest benefit!

In the begging of my content I told you that this is the only begging benefit means in the begging you get traffic but after some time your blog will delete by Google because Google have many Algorithms to caught a thief means a Copy cat.

You’ll be soon attacked by Search Engines

Well Guys! As I told you that in the begging you'll get good traffic day by day but after some time you’ll be caught by Search engines or you will be caught by owner and owner will complain DMCA. Simply, If your own site or blog found copying others by Search engines then you should ready to remove your blog by Google Algorithms.

Losing respect

If you think that readers will get helpful contents from your site then you’re forget that readers are not Idiot because he/she know very popular sites and read contents from that sites too and after reading that content and see same to same content on your blog or site then he/she know you’re a copy cat and some readers are very mad and start using abusive language against you or your site.

Your blog will be deleted by DMCA! - Only Blogger users

If your blog is hosted or running on then you must know that Blogger is owned by Google and DMCA is owned By Google and Google is very strict in copying others hard work and that’s why the Google DMCA is free of cost and owner will definitely complain to DMCA and your blog will be delete by Google for sure.

From The Editor's Desk

Finally our content has been finished and I'll tell you that kindly avoid this bad habit it is very bad and you may be in jail because copying others is Illegal in International law, You should know that there are also laws on using internet and this popular habit is one of them. Thank you guys! stay tuned. and Yeah Happy New Year 2015.
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