Wednesday 25 February 2015

How to unsubscribe to annoying e-mails Newsletters at Once?

Sometimes, we just keep subscribing newsletters from many sites. Some of them are of our interests whereas others are simply useless. On the top of that, it becomes really annoying when you keep on receiving unwanted E-mails from such sites. With my personal experience, I sometimes feel like switching off my cell phone when after every two minutes my cell vibrates and I receive another not-so-important email. These newsletters are called E-mail marketing that is processed by online sites to gutter-up audience and earn money online.
Sometimes, when we are waiting for some really important Email and this junk appears, it becomes really agitating. But, for our convenience, now we have an alternative to list out all the subscribed yet unwanted newsletters and unsubscribe them with a single click. The process is extremely simple and easy. You just have to follow few steps and get rid of this all day torture.     

Great Way for Gmail Users
Gmail is the most approached platform that is used by maximum number of users. Given the popularity of the platform, Gmail has made it quite simple for its users to get rid of this headache. Process of unsubscribing junk email newsletters from Gmail account is quite simple.
Follow below mentioned steps:
1. Login to your Gmail account.
2. Go to inbox
3. Click at any junk newsletter that you wish to unsubscribe
4. With the name and Gmail address of the sender in received field, there is a small dropdown menu with field. This dropdown menu contain options such as “From”, “To”, “Date”, “Subject”, “Mailed By”, “Signed By” and finally “Unsubscribe from this sender”. This is the option for you. By clicking it, you can simply unsubscribe from the annoying newsletter that are of no use for you.
As you see, it is the simplest way to unsubscribe newsletters that are not-so-required to you.
Heading towards second easy method, I would like to introduce you to a site called

Question: What is 
Answer: is a smart and free web service that gets connected to your Gmail account, processes and displays a list of all the newsletter emails that you have subscribed. helps you in two significant ways:
You can use specific options and send required emails into one folder rather than clustering them up in you inbox one by one.
You can unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and free yourself from the hassle.
By using first option, you can amalgamate all your newsletters from a specific sender into one mail. In this way, you don’t have to see all the mails resting in your inbox separately.

Process of using is easy to use web service. You just have to follow below mentioned process:
Go to
Enter your Gmail Address
Allow to authenticate your account
After the process is complete, click at “Continue to next step”
A list of all the subscribed mails will be displayed in front of you
Unsubscribe the unwanted ones
So, this is all about It is an easy process with few quick steps. Process must be followed once in few weeks to stay free from the hassle of junk newsletters.

Important Tip: While using, make sure that you are only unsubscribing the newsletter that you don’t require. It is recommended to delete them one by one rather than unsubscribing them in a go.

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