Saturday 20 December 2014

Some White Hat Ways To Increase Facebook Page Likes

We all know that Facebook is one of the biggest social website for bloggers to increase their visitors and get decent traffic from Social Media and I know everyone in the blogosphere have Facebook page and some have nice amount of like and some don't have nice amount of like. So if you have some nice amount of likes in your Facebook then you'll probably have some decent traffic and if you don't have like in your Facebook fan page then you'll not get the good amount of traffic and Literally, many bloggers and webmasters attract to your blog if you have some decent amount of Facebook Page likes. Guys if you want to increase the Facebook Page likes then you must follow my tips below:

Add Facebook Like Widget In Your Blog

If you have blog then I think this widget is best for you because this widget increase your likes by 40%.  Literally, Facebook like widget help you to increase likes by 40% because when readers came to your blog and read your blog post and if they like it then they also want to get updates from your blog and they will definitely like your blog. 

How to Add Facebook Like Widget?

You can add this widget easily in your blog by going to Facebook Developers area. Follow below steps properly to add this Facebook like widget in your blog.
  • First go to Facebook Like Box page.
  • Now enter your Facebook page URL.
  • It depends on you that how you customize your widget according to your need.
  • Now click on "Get Code" button.
  • Now a Popup will Appear.
  • Now copy the first code.
  • Go to Template >> Edit Html and paste it under your <body> tag.
  • Now copy the second code
  • Go to Layout >> Add a gadget >> Add HTML/JavaScript and paste the code there.
  • That's All. You have successfully added this Facebook Like Widget in your blogger blog.

Invite Friends to your Page

I probably say that whenever you go to your page you see the invite friends at the top of the Page. So if you think that your friends will like your page then you should invite your friends to like your page it will also increase your likes.

Share your Page in Groups

Sharing your Page in Groups (like sharing your posts) is also a great because people see your page and if they like your blog then definitely like your page so you should go for it and you can also tell your friends that they should share your page in their walls.

Update your Facebook page Regularly

Updating your Facebook fan page regularly is most important. You should post your links of articles on daily basis or statuses it will also increase your Facebook Page likes in bulk. You can try your luck.

Giveaway anything on your Blog

This is an awesome trick to increase your Page views, Likes, Readers, and Subscribers. But you have to give some worthy thing like Domain, any Premium widget or theme or template and anything which is an worthy thing then you'll definitely get Facebook Page likes in Bulk but you have to tell them that like our Facebook fan page and Subscribe us etc. 

Over to you

Now these are some White Hat ways to increase Facebook page likes I hope these methods will increase your likes in very short time period. If you have any quires in your mind then you can ask to me frankly. Guys I have not mentioned Black hat methods that will increase your likes in bulk but you'll not get good readers so guys follow white hat method to get a good relationship and achieve success.Peace and Happy Blogging!!
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