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Some Basics Before Starting Blogging

Some Basics Before Learning Blogging
Many blogs are creating day by day but some of them achieve success and rest of them failed. Most of the bloggers (beginners) think that blogging is the game of children but no it's not that easy because not every blogger can take their blog to the next level because many of them came to blogging for making money because they see most of the bloggers are making thousands of dollars per month but blogging is not that easy job and give you money easily if you want success in the field of blogging then you should learn some basics about blogging.

Why Should You Learn?

If you don't learn basics then literally, you can't take your blog to the next level. I think that you're thinking that taking blog to the next level what does it means, it means that achieving success or in simple words that getting traffic, and getting traffic means getting bucks and getting bucks means you're now at the next level and you have achieved success or destination which you want and this dream will become true when you take your blog to the next level.

Choosing Niche:-

I think you all are thinking that what is word "Niche"? Actually, niche means the topic of your blog like my blog niche is Blogger and I'm sharing all the posts in the field of blogging so you should choose your niche and have to focus on that if you want to be successful.

Buying Domain:- 

I hope you see many of Pro bloggers have custom domain name. So first of all you have to buy domain because if you don't have domain then you can't be call as "PRO Blogger" or "Successful Blogger". So first you have to spend some bucks before starting blogging.

Choosing Right Platform:- 

There are many platforms on the internet for doing blogging but the most famous platforms is Blogger and WordPress you can choose which is suitable for you. I recommended Blogger for Newbies because it is so easy to use and WordPress is little bit difficult and in Blogger you don't have to spend much money because it is hosted on Google so it doesn't need Hosting but in WordPress you should have to buy Hosting. So it's your Choice which is suitable for you.

Choosing Right Template:-

Literally, in the earlier days of blogging choosing right template for your blog was headache but now it's not a headache because there are many sites are providing free Templates and Awesome, Responsive, Professional Templates like www.Templateism.com, www.Way2Themes.com and BTemplates.com. These sites templates are easy to customize especially for newbies. So I think you don't have to be in Tension because now its easy to choose your template.

Designing Your Own Template:-

If you have some nice skills then you can easily create a Template/Theme for your blog. I think you that you're thinking which skills? so below are the list of skills you have to learn for designing your own template.
  • XML
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
These three languages you have to learn if you want to design your own template. You can learn these things from online sites or some tutorials you can Google it.

Writing Post:-

Now I don't know which is your blogging niche but in any niche readers want good posts not that lengthy posts but quality should be high because all the readers love to read short and good quality posts.

Over To You!

Now I have mentioned some important and basics which will surely help you guys so if you have any problem then feel free to comment below we're always ready to help you guys. Stay in touch with us. Thanks!
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