Tuesday 30 December 2014

Importance of Social Media Marketing (SMM) in 2015

SMM Of 2015
Long gone the days when SEO was the king because now the era of Social media marketing has begins, the thing about social media marketing is that it’s such easy to do and in most cases it generates almost instant results. So start the post from below.

Not Requires You To Study To A Point Where Your Brain Crashes

Search engine optimization isn't a thing which you decide to do tomorrow and you’ll learn it in a day, SEO requires you to Study, Study and Study, there are so much technicalities to take care of when doing SEO and even if you do one thing wrong you can end up screwing your whole campaign which can be quite a ouch where as Social media marketing is much different than SEO because it’s really fun to do and although it takes years to get perfect at it as everything on internet is constantly changing and you’ll have to learn everyday to stay ahead of your competitor buts you can still start to do it in mere few days as there aren't such grave mistakes in social media marketing as there are in SEO

Much More Fun

Social media marketing can sometime be really fun to do and not boring as much as SEO because most of the time your job is to interact with people, talk to them, build relationship and keep them engage which can be really fun and as in SEO even a single mistake can cost you a lot the story is different in SMM (social media marketing) unless you mess up big time and if your bad things gets viral which can really leave a dent.

Almost Instant Result

SMM is my personal favorite as it generates almost instant result where as in SEO waiting for the result can be agonizing and sometime you might not even see them,

So Much To Choose From

There’s a social network for everyone and every niche, if one doesn’t work for you simply move on and try a different one, let’s suppose you’re trying to promote a news blog/website then Facebook and Twitter  are you way to go or if you’re going after food, fashion or health niche then social networks like Pinterest and Instagram can be really helpful


I isn't trying to say that SEO is dead or it’s not effective what I am trying to say here is that it isn’t the only thing, time is changing and SMM is becoming big thing, although SMM can sometime be overwhelming as there are so much my networks to look after but what I reckon is that stick with one, conquer it, and move on.
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