Monday 5 January 2015

Earn Money Through Downloading Blogs | No Adsense

Earn Money Through Downloading Blogs

I’ve seen that many bloggers are creating a downloading blog where they provide the Games, Softwares, Apps free to download. Well, the first thing they can’t earn money with Google AdSense because Google AdSense doesn’t support these kind of blogs/sites. But here I’m going to share some smart tips to earn handsome revenue from downloading Blog. If you are also one of them and can’t earn money from your downloading blog then you must try these tips to earn smart revenue from your blog. These tips are really great and are experienced by me. So, friends, let’s get into our tips and know the secret of earning money from downloading Blog.

Join PPD (Pay Per Download) Sites

So, First thing is that you have to join the Pay Per Download sites like DepositFiles. On these sites you have to upload your data which you are providing with your audience. After uploading the downloads, they will give you the download link which you have to add in your blog. When someone download anything from your blog with that download link then you will be get paid for the single download.

Shorten Download URLs With

Another hidden trick is that you have to join and make your download URLs short with their tool. After making short URLs with tool then, you have to add that URLs in your site/blog. Now when someone will come to download anything, he will be on shorted URL and you will be get paid for every view of your shorted URL. The reason of being got paid is that there on shorted URL the advertising will be showed and the user will have to wait 5 seconds and then he has to click Skip Ad. Now he will be on the main URL.

Join PPC (Pay Per Click) Networks

So, You can also earn smart revenue by joining PPC networks like Google AdSense or Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads. But one thing, These both networks will not support your blog/site. So, You have to join small PPC networks. You can further join Bidvertiser and Chitika. These both networks are good and are experienced by me and these networks don’t need any requirements. After joining Bidvertiser and Chitika, You will have to generate the ad code there and add that ad code in your blog/site. Now when someone will click on those ads, after that you will be get paid.


InfoLinks is an in text advertising network that is an PPC network. Actually, this network adds the related ad links in your blog/site’s text. After joining this network and installing it’s plugin in your blog you will see in-text advertising in your blog/site’s text. So before joining this, you must check that your blog/site is having text content. Now when someone will click on that text ad then you will be get paid for every single click.

From The Editor's Desk

Finally guys our post has ended now I know that from this post you can earn a smart revenue from your downloading blog. I hope this post was quite helpful for those who don't getting approve from Google Adsense. Peace and Happy Blogging!
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