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10 Basic SEO Tactics For Affiliate Strategy

There are two ways at looking at this problem, from the perspective of the advertiser and the perspective of the one doing the advertising. If you are the one wishing to host adverts on your website then below are ten tips that are going to help you. If you are looking for SEO tips for your advertising campaign then your focus should be on keyword research and consumer targeting. It is your primary goal to get as many targeted viewers with as little expenditure on your part as possible. This can only be done via dedicated research and trial and error testing.

If you are looking to advertise on an affiliate network, there is a little tip that few people take advantage of. Many people type in search terms that are hard to integrate into the text of a web page. If you were to write them into your content as they are written on the search engines then you would disseminate your grammar and sentence syntax, which would lower your content’s quality.

It is also pointless putting such keyword phrases into the Meta keyword tags, because it will have little effect if it is not mirrored within the content. So what you should do is target these awkward phrases with your affiliate adverts. You can target a whole host of long tailed keywords and awkwardly worded phrases within the bidding section of your affiliate adverts, without any negative consequences.

1 - Use the alt attribute for your images

You should really try to make your images in some way related to your affiliate adverts. You will then be able to put affiliate advert keywords into the alt attribute for your images for an extra SEO boost.

2 - Try to keep your web pages lightweight

Every page you create has a weight to it; this is the amount of data it needs to load. Pages with affiliate adverts will have a drag effect because of the adverts having to load. Therefore, it is preferable that you keep your page weight below 50 KB to compensate for the drag factor.

3 - Add an affiliate keyword into your title

You should put at least one affiliate advert keyword into the title, and at least one of your web content keywords into the title. Doing this may be difficult if your web page does not have much to do with your web content. Although the obvious solution to that problem is to add/create content that is relevant to your affiliate adverts.

4 - Avoid frames, heavy images, Flash and integrated JavaScript

All of these things have the potential to damage your search engine optimization, which is going to make it harder to gain traffic. No traffic means no clicks, which means no money. Take care if you are planning to integrate any of these elements into your site.

5 - Use HTML links for navigation instead of JavaScript

You need to keep your code as clean as possible to help maintain your SEO and get traffic. You should also be aware that Google has trouble reading JavaScript links.

6 - Make your Meta description tag attractive

It should be attractive with regards to your web content and attractive to people wanting to buy a product that is hosted on your page. For example, if you were looking for a lawn mower then a website about gardening, good quality grass or lawn mower reviews would be attractive to a potential buyer. If you created content to suit that person then you could accurately describe your content in the Meta description and attract potential lawn mower buyers (obviously, in this case your affiliate ads would be selling lawn mowers and accessories).

7 - Use header tags and optimize them for affiliate adverts

The header tags should appear throughout your web page. They are supposed to tell the search engines what sort of information you are presenting, such as a headings and titles, author bios, about us sections, etc. Optimize some of your header content (H1, H2, H3, etc) for keywords relevant to your affiliate adverts.

8 - Make sure you add relevant Meta keywords

As you are completing the SEO of your website, you should already be adding Meta keywords and Meta descriptions. However, if you are planning to add affiliate adverts to your website then you should optimize at least some of those words for your affiliate advert products. Have around seven keywords relating to your affiliate adverts, and around eight relating to your web pages use or content.

9 - Avoid using the same keyword repeatedly in hyper-linked text

Anchor text is often hyperlinked which is needed in order to add keywords. The temptation to use the same anchor text repeatedly should not be given in to, because it damages your SEO. Vary your anchor text.

10 - Less is sometimes more

Instead of filling your page with lots of ads, just pick your best sellers and focus on them alone. You will be far more likely to attract targeted traffic.

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