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Imran Uddin Of AllTechBuzz.Net - Inspiration For Newbies

As you all know that Imran Uddin is one of the Pro Blogger of India and a well known personality that's why I think why not I take an interview of Imran Uddin because it will inspire my readers and literally, I also inspire from him very much and he is also started a Pvt. Ltd company named All Tech Media which offers Web Development, Blogging and SEO related Services. Actually, he was born in lower class family and money is the big problem for him and now with the Grace of Allah now he is earning well because he work hard as much as he can that's why he achieve what he want. So guys let's start the post from below.

Interview with Imran Uddin

Q1: Warmly Welcome on Crazzy Blogger Imran Uddin.
Answer: Hi firstly thanks for having me here.I feel honoured.

Q2: What was the first blog you ever created and on which platform it was?
Answer: The first blog i created was ,as the name says its created on Blogger Platform.I just created that for testing purpose and wrote couple of posts.Later I created which is also again on blogger platform then later moved it to custom domain

Q3: Apart from Blogging what do you like the most?
Answer: Apart from blogging I like Literature and Sports.I play both indoor and outdoor games.I used to play Chess,Badminton and Cricket a lot during my childhood.I also like Swimming a lot.

Q4: Please tell Our Readers something about yourself, your qualification and from where you belong?
Answer: I am from Hyderabad(India).I am very enthusiastic person and love to learn new things all the time.Basically I am a Mechanical Engineering Student but got attracted towards computers at the end of my Engineering first year.Then I was addicted to programming,hacking and web designing.Then I thought of making some money online using my computer skills and solve my financial issues.That’s how I got started with blogging.

Q5: Search Engine Optimization is a trend that never dies in the blogosphere . Your thoughts on it ?
Answer: If you want to do well with our blog in long run the Search Engine Optimization is must.If you look into the current trends,google is keeping on updating some or other algorithm in their search results.Which will keep on fluctuating your rankings in Google.So you must understand the trends in search and keep yourself updated with latest strategies.
Though you don’t follow any seo strategies your blog might rank well for few days and after that the traffic goes down day by day.If you want to make Blogging a full time career then you must be very good at SEO.

Q6: Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?
Answer: Currently I am pursuing Engineering as a part of my academics.A year back I use to blog part time and spend more time on studies.But now blogging has became my full time business and education part time.I spend least time on my studies.As 70% attendance is mandatory I am forced to attend college regularly but I bunk my classes most of time and struggle to maintain my attendance.I hope I don’t get detained this year for shortage of attendance.
In short though I am pursuing my engineering I spend most of the time on Blogging instead of my studies.

Q7: How much time do you spend on your blog Daily and weekly?
Answer: I daily spend most of the time on research of new seo tactics,developing new skills and I keep on exploring new potential ways that can fetch me good money.
I am addicted to seo and I keep on exploring ways to outrank in search engines.Most of the time I do research on Black Hat Techniques.
If you are asking me how much time I spend on my blog then its roughly 1-2 hours per day.But if you are asking how much time I work online then the answer is around 9-10 hours per day on average.

Q8: Are you in the Affiliate Marketing? If so please tell us your experience with it.
Answer: Yes I am into Affiliate Marketing but honestly I am still in the budding stage and need to learn and implement lot of things.
Unlike regular Blogging ,Affiliate Marketing also requires time to learn and master it.But if you master some good strategies then you can make as much money as you want via Affiliate Marketing which may not be possible with regular Blogging.

Q9: As a student how do you manage your blog? I mean it’s pretty hard to manage blog as a student!
Answer: Yes it is very hard for a student to manage blog.I myself feel a lot of pressure to manage both things.What I can suggest you is “Give sufficient time to your studies in the starting stages of blogging till you make some decent money,once you get the confidence that you are capable of doing what you want even without your College Certificates then spend more time on the area of your interest and slowly reduce the time on your studies.If you are very very confident and feel that studies are unnecessarily wasting your time and distracting your focus then you can even quit your education.”
Don’t take my words for granted.If you don’t manage things properly and if you don’t have confidence on yourself just stick to what you are capable of.Taking proper guidance can boost your confidence .So ask advice from the people whom you think can clear your dilemma.

Q10: Would you mind telling us something about your first blog?
Answer: Before starting blogging I was very much addicted to hacking.So I used to share things related to hacking which stopped me from making money the first three months.

Q11: How many blogs do you own?
Answer: I am totally into Affiliate Marketing and Niche blogging.I create minimum of two blogs per week.If you want the exact figure then I manage over 20+ blogs on different niche.

Q12: What is your favourite quote?
Answer: My favourite quote keeps changes with time.But the most important quote that I follow and implement in my life is
“A positive Attitude will get you anywhere “

Q13: Which blogging niche is most famous?
Answer: Tech and Social Media is always the most famous Blogging Niche.

Q14: If you got a chance of meeting with any Blogger, Whom you think you meet to?
Answer: I would like to meet Neil Patel from Quick Sprout.

Q15: Any Message For Our Readers And Suggestion For Our Site?
Answer: Your site is great.You have done remarkable work in a very short period.Just be consistent and be focused you will do great things ahead.
And for readers my suggestion is same be consistent and be focused.Be optimistic in whatever situation of life.Keep on improving your skills rest materialistic things like money ,status come in your way.
All the best friends have a great life ahead 

From The Taker Of The Interview 

I hope guys you have enjoyed this interview literally, I enjoyed it alot as I was not expecting :) Thanks Imran Uddin for giving us your precious some time. Peace and Happy Blogging!

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